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Qi Shu

J.F.C. Can this woman get anymore gorgeous

Goodness gracious, I’m in love

I wanna trademark this for myself, but it resembles John Mayer’s Heart Break Warfare emblem.

My favorite movie, like ever.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

You can fix a heart, but sometimes you can’t fix the scars

@TheSweetForever posted this Keane song, and I was reminded how much I love the song. So I decided to make you all hate it by horribly covering the song, so it can be MY song, and no one else’s :P

Jamming to Music Soulchild’ “Just Friend”

Happiness is just a strum away. #ukulele #newtoy

New Toy. Cheap uke, make me happy, make my life wallet not too sad.


"It was with Esther that the Nerdfighter community came together and helped the Harry Potter Alliance win 250,000 dollars. And Hank, it was because of Esther that on Esther Day I told you that I love you (which I do, although I don’t want to talk about it). And even though Esther has died we will continue to do projects with her. Because it will be when we work to decrease World Suck and when we show our love for others that Esther will be with us most."

Esther Day is around the corner! Don’t forget to let us know what you’re planning by using the #estherday tag.

You can learn more about the Esther Day project here.

(via effyeahnerdfighters)